Guardian’s Band

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In the spring of 2015, Guardian came to Half Moon’s band with his dam, Sumac. In the summer of 2017, Half Moon was injured just above his hoof and began to lose his mares to the young stallion, Guardian, whom he had allowed to remain in his band. He spent the next several months trying to heal, and by the spring of 2018, Half Moon had taken back his entire band. In January of 2023, Guardian became a band stallion again when he picked up Mare Little Brother’s Girl from Arrowhead but would lose her back to him in April. Guardian would pick up Mare Little Gray, Mare Pippi, Colt Ryley, and Filly Luna in September. They had previously been with Stallion Buster.

In May of 2024, Guardian picked up Mare Pepper (Papoose) from some bachelors. Later in June, he left his band to stay with Snip’s Gray, who had been separated from Sidekick’s band for over a month. His band was left alone and found by stallion Buster.