Horses Available For Adoption

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Current Horses available from

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

In order to be able to own one of these beautiful horses, you will first need to follow a few simple steps. Below is a list of some of the auction requirements as well as, more information on how the auction process works.

  • Register to bid on the General Services Administration website at The register tab can be found on the top right-hand side of the page.
  • Go to Wild in North Dakota, Dakota Grown Photos on Facebook, or for information about the sales, photos of all available horses, and the dates for each sale when it becomes available.
  • Please note: Available horses will not be listed on the GSA website until the day the auction begins.
  • All auctions will run for 7 days.
  • Once the auction begins, search ‘Horse’ in the search tab. Once you click on and open an auction, you can select to add it to My Favorites for easier access the next time you log on to the website.
  • If bidding on one of the available horses, you will need to fill out the Statement of Intent form listed under Additional Documents on the Item Description page. This must be completed prior to payment for each horse.
  • Buyers must make arrangements with park staff for pick-up of the horse at corral facilities near Medora, North Dakota after the sale.

All recent horses have been SOLD.

This page will be updated as more horses become available.

Albums featuring horses who have been sold in previous sales are located in the center of the main page.