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Looking For Love

Hello everyone! Several times throughout this past winter, I came across Arrowhead, and he was covered in mud. This day he was cleaner than usual, so I decided to stop and take a few photos of him and Mare Diamond. He was trying to woo her and she quickly let him know she was not…
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Punkin and Moon Shadow

Hello again! Today we bring you more exciting news welcoming yet another foal to this herd! This time it’s a little colt out of Mare Punkin by Stallion Half Moon. We haven’t yet named a foal after Half Moon so, after much thought, we offer the name “Moon Shadow” for this adorable little colt. The…
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Teepee and Titan

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that we have a new foal inside Theodore Roosevelt National Park! Mare Teepee, of Teton’s band, has foaled. Despite the cold, we are happy that mom and foal appear to be doing well so far, and the weather will be a great deal warmer in a few days.…
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Blue Angel Among the Hoarfrost

Hello everyone! We had another foggy day yesterday which means more hoarfrost. I have decided that Blue Angel is my favorite horse to photograph in that kind of weather. Her blue eye really stands out against the frosty terrain. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and this beautiful filly in Xander’s Band.