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Taylor and Alabaster

A new week brings another new foal. This time it is a colt out of Mare Taylor and the presumed sire is Thunder. He is absolutely adorable, right down to the little white spot on his side. Help us welcome another beautiful colt to the TRNP herd!


As I was going through my photos from last week, I came across this image of Mare Crow. She was standing on a hill above my car and I remember thinking how beautiful and strong she looked. Two days later she foaled and proved to us just how strong she can be. Enjoy this look…
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Lightning and Aimes

Hello everyone! Here is a look at another new foal in the park. This time it is a colt out of Mare Lightning and the presumed sire is Satellite. He is a little cutie! Lightning is a 1998 mare making her 21 this year! I will have more photos from this week to share with…
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Spring Evening With Copper

Hello everyone! I was fortunate to spend a quiet evening with Copper and his band last week. His new filly is just too cute and such a joy to watch. It’s nice to see a little one with this band. Some of you asked about Copper and he is doing great! He managed to keep…
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Eagle and Agency

Hello everyone! We have another new foal in the park! This time it is a filly out of Mare Eagle in Mystery’s band. Mystery stole Eagle from Copper in April of last year so it’s hard to know for sure who the sire may be. My guess is Mystery but time will tell. Either way,…
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New Filly For Faith and Copper

Hello everyone! As most of you have probably heard, we have another new filly in the park. This time out of Mare Faith and the presumed sire is Copper. She is already a very active little girl and will be a wonderful addition to this family. The park has given her the name Agasii after…
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