New Additions to Gunner’s Band

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New Additions to Gunner’s Band

Hello everyone! There were a few changes in the park over the weekend. While several changes were short-lived, a few were the same as of Tuesday evening. Gunner, the son of the late stallion Mystery, is now holding four of his father’s former mares. He managed to take Sundance, Cheyenne, Cedar, Raven, and her filly from Copper leaving him with only one former Mystery mare, Grace. I find it very interesting that the girls are now with the son of their former stallion. Not only that, but they are also with the one son who looks the most like him. Red Face continues to hold Eagle, Ember’s Girl, and their fillies. He has lost Ember’s Girl a few times to both Copper and Trooper but she is now back with him once again. Below are a few photos of Gunner’s current band and a quick look at Red Face’s band as of Tuesday. Time will tell if either stallion can keep the girls.

Gunner’s original mare Perdita, her foals, and her new bandmates.

Perdita (right) and her girls, Anisak and Birch

Red Face’s band as of Tuesday.