Month: November 2019

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Sweet Ardena

Sweet little Ardena is almost 3 months old. She is out of Mare Pretty Girl x Red Face. I watched as she grazed near her daddy and would occasionally stop and look in the distance. At first, I couldn’t see what she was checking but before I left that night, Half Moon made his presence…
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Winter Ready

Hello everyone! After my time with Perty, I hiked back over to also sit with her former band. Here is a look at her sire, Red Face and his lovely lady, Frosty as they begin to go into winter. Both are doing well and look stunning in their winter coats. It really is amazing how…
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Wild Strength

Hello everyone! One of my goals this past week was to try and find Gunner and Perdita (Perty). After checking a couple of different spots and having no luck, they finally appeared. The temperature outside was in the 40’s so I grabbed my camera and headed out to see Gunner’s little family. After I hiked…
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A Chilly Afternoon With Grady’s Band

Hello! As promised, here is another look at Grady and his band. These girls have been with several different stallions over the last few years but most recently they were with stallion Ranger. That is until August when Ranger’s old bachelor buddy, Grady came in and stole the band from him. This is the first…
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Beautiful Papoose

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the rest of your weekend and the extra hour of sleep. I spent a chilly afternoon with several bands yesterday and will share more of those photos with you soon. Until then, here is the beautiful mare, Papoose of Arrowhead’s band, at sunset. Enjoy!