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A Summer Look at Guardian’s Band

Hello everyone and Happy Labor Day! Guardian and his band recently left their area of the Park and spent some time mingling with the other bands. All three appear to be doing well. His filly, Katie is so devoted to her dad, and even more amazing is how great he is with her. He certainly…
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A Summer Look at Frontier’s Band

Hello everyone! I am a little late with this but today I finally have for you a look at the rest of Frontier’s band. If you missed the update on his two girls, Anuk and Bluff, be sure to scroll back. He currently has two mares, Smokie and Firefly along with two-year-old Patience, yearling Anuk,…
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Hot Summer Days

Hello everyone! With the hot days lately, there has been a lot of afternoon napping done by everyone. Ollie and his band found a nice spot to lay in the dirt one afternoon. At least one horse is always standing to be a lookout while the others take a break. Enjoy and have a great…
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Triple Trouble

Hello everyone! Today I have a look at everyone’s three favorite Sidekick girls, Bayou, Annabella, and Misty Blue. I never tire of spending time watching these three. Not only are they beautiful but they have great personalities to match. Enjoy and have a great day!

Sidekick’s Trouble Makers

Hello everyone! Today we are getting back to Sidekick’s band and a closer look at his other two fillies. Annabella (Beech) and Misty Blue (Bannock) are growing fast and like Bayou, they have changed quite a bit. Below are photos of the three of them together one evening as well as, a look at how…
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Teton’s Little Girls

Hello everyone! I will continue with the Sidekick foals soon but first I want to give you a look at Teton’s foals. His girls are changing fast too. Two of them, Bee and Shayna (Belt) look so similar right now especially, from the side. Below are a few photos of all three girls from a…
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