Sidekick’s Trouble Makers

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Sidekick’s Trouble Makers

Hello everyone! Today we are getting back to Sidekick’s band and a closer look at his other two fillies. Annabella (Beech) and Misty Blue (Bannock) are growing fast and like Bayou, they have changed quite a bit. Below are photos of the three of them together one evening as well as, a look at how they have changed over the last few months.

Misty Blue (Bannock) – out of Mist x Sidekick – She is just shy of 4 months old.

Annabella (Beech) – out of Bella x Sidekick – She is now 3 months old.

Annabella and Bayou in May.

Misty Blue when she was first born back in March.

Annabella, Bayou, and Misty Blue