A Look at Casper

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A Look at Casper

Hello everyone! As I was going through photos over the weekend, I realized I have several images of Casper taken over the past few months that I have not gotten around to sharing. He has been photographed by many Park visitors this summer, and I cannot blame them; he is very photogenic! He continues to hold his small band of mares, Archer, Berkleigh, Bee, and new filly, Honey. Have a great week!

Casper down by the river


This is what it looks like most of the time when you come across Casper and his band. Teton’s band is usually somewhere in the area. That is them in the background.

2014 Band Stallion, Casper

Casper’s band at sunrise this week – Berkleigh, Archer, Casper, Honey, and Bee