A Look at Emery

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A Look at Emery

Hello everyone! Below is a look at Mare Ember’s Girl and her 2020 Filly, Emery. I can remember the first time I saw Emery as a newborn foal. The Park had been closed due to Covid when she was born, so we had to wait a bit before seeing her in person. Once the Park had reopened, I hiked to an area hoping to come across Mystery and his band. As luck would have it, I found them back in a cove grazing quietly. Mystery was off from the band, resting and keeping watch. As I photographed Emery, she walked away from Ember’s Girl, stopped briefly, looked at Mystery, and let out the tiniest whinny. It was the last time I sat with Mystery before he passed away, and this beautiful girl made it special. Enjoy!

2020 Filly, Emery

Emery and Ember’s Girl

Emery as a new foal. The moment before she called out to Mystery ❤