A Summer Look at Grady’s Band

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A Summer Look at Grady’s Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a closer look at Grady and the rest of his band. He is currently holding a band of three mares, a yearling, and his adorable new filly, Bonnet. Since taking the band from Ranger, he has done a great job so far in his role of band stallion. This is the first band for him and it appears the mares are content with him as their stallion. His mares, Blondie, Twister, and Gigi have been through a lot in the last five years from losing Gary, having a temporary run with Flax, losing Gray Ghost, and then being taken from Ranger so it is nice to see them settled. Hopefully, Grady can keep them together for years to come. Below are a few photos of the entire band from last week.

2014 Mare, Gigi (Quinn) and her new filly, Bonnet

Grady’s band (L to R): Bonnet, Gigi, Blondie, and colt Arcola

Grady and 2005 Mare, Twister

2019 Colt, Arcola out of Mare Gigi

Arcola and Grady