Firefly and Flyer

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Firefly and Flyer

Hello everyone! Last May I was walking back to my car from a late afternoon hike and was blessed with a surprise from Mare Firefly. Right across the street from where I had parked was Firefly and her new filly Bluff. Almost one year later, Firefly surprised me once again! I was on my way out for the day and just like last year, I happened across Firefly with another new foal. This time it is a darling colt named Flyer who looks very similar to his older sisters, Anuk and Bluff. Although Firefly and her family have been with Flax since last fall, Frontier should be this little guy’s sire.

Firefly’s 2019 Filly, Anuk along with Firefly and her new colt Flyer

Firefly’s 2020 Filly, Bluff along with Firefly and her new colt Flyer

2007 Mare, Firefly and her new 2021 Colt, Flyer