Flash and His Band

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Flash and His Band

Hello everyone! As promised, here is a closer look at Flash’s band. For those who are new to following the horses, Flash acquired this band in March after a tough battle with their former stallion, Satellite. Flash has briefly held a mare in the past, but this would be considered his first official band. It took some time for the girls to adjust to him as they had been with Satellite for many years. Things have since settled down, and everyone is doing well. Below is a look at the entire band, including an updated look at the newest member of the band, Satine, who is now 3 months old. Enjoy!


2021 Filly, Satine (Minnie x Satellite)

Always has her mom’s back – Mare Crow and her dam, Lightning

Almanac, Lightning, Minnie, and Flash

2019 Filly, Almanac (Minnie x Satellite)

Satine, Bear, Lightning, and Almanac

Minnie and her girls (l to r) Almanac, Satine, and Minnie