Grady’s Band

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2014 Mare, Gigi gave birth to a beautiful colt, Arcola, at the end of July 2019. Sometime after Arcola was born, 2015 Stallion, Grady stole the band from their previous stallion, Ranger. Grady managed to hold off Ranger for several weeks and keep control of his new band. He would later kick out 2016 Colt, Buster making him a bachelor for the first time.

In 2020, Gigi would give birth to a filly who is assumed to be the first foal for Stallion Grady. Over the winter months of 2020-21, Mare Trouble’s Girl and her two colts by Stallion Wildrye, Anthem, and Blazo, were seen alone and occasionally walking with Grady. When Trouble’s Girl disappeared at the end of January, her two colts were picked up by Grady and his band. Anthem was removed by Grady the spring while his younger brother, Blazo continues to walk with the band.

The end of summer 2021 brought more additions to the band when Grady picked up 2020 Fillies, Frosted Arrow (Justice) and Pixie (Stormy) and his Mare Gigi gave birth to their second filly, Gidget.