Gunner and Remington Fight Over a Girl

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Gunner and Remington Fight Over a Girl

Hello everyone! Here is a look at Raven’s Myst once again, now over a year later. She is a gorgeous yearling who is a nice combination of her dam, Raven, and sire, Mystery. She currently runs with her mother and little sister, Mystique, in Gunner’s band. One afternoon while sitting with the band, I watched as Raven’s Myst went running towards Remington and his band. She is at an age now where she will be curious about the other bands. Remington perked up right away when she came near and quickly ran to meet her. They barely had the chance to say hello when Gunner caught on to their meeting. He wasn’t happy and quickly ran over to them both. The boys had a few words as Raven’s Myst quickly tried to get out of the way. Remington gave up and ran back to his band as Gunner moved Raven’s Myst back to his band. Maybe next time Remington. Below is a look at their short encounter.

Gunner runs over to get Raven’s Myst from Remington.

Gunner, Remington, and Raven’s Myst

Gunner and Remington

Gunner starts to run towards Raven’s Myst to move her while Remington returns to his band.