Gunner’s Little Family

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Gunner’s Little Family

Hello everyone! After Mystery’s passing, several people asked if he had a son in the park that looked similar to him and the answer is yes. Pictured below is one of his two sons still inside the park, Gunner, out of mare Papoose. He is six years old this year and currently holds a band including mare Perdita, as well as, her 2019 and 2020 fillies. He gained Perdita after she gave birth to Anisak last spring and was separated from her natal band. Her newest filly, Birch, was born in April and Gunner is the presumed sire. I realized today I hadn’t shared much of Birch since she was born during the recent park closure so today’s post includes several photos of her as well. Losing Mystery was extremely hard but we are lucky to have Gunner to be a reminder of his amazing father and to help carry on his legacy inside the park along with his siblings. It will be wonderful to watch him build his band over the next few years and perhaps have a son of his own someday.

2017 Mare, Perdita – out of Pretty Girl x Red Face

2020 Filly, Birch with her dam, Perdita

2019 Filly, Anisak – out of Perdita – her sire is unknown.

Perdita and Birch

Two beautiful girls – Birch and Perdita