Red Face’s Band

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Red Face became a band stallion in 2006. He ran in a double band with stallion Singlefoot for several years. In 2013, Red Face would take Frosty, the final mare of Singlefoot’s. She would become his lead mare and is still in his band to this day. In 2020, Red Face added two more mares, Ember’s Girl and Eagle, as well as their fillies, Birdie, and Emery, to his band. While adding to his band at the age of 19 was a blessing, the band would experience a loss in September when one of Red Face’s long-time mares, Molly passed away from an unfortunate accident.

In January of 2021, Stallion Remington would take 2019 Filly, Ardena (Pretty Girl) from Red Face’s band. Soon after in February, Remington would also take 2006 Mare, Ember’s Girl, and her 2020 Filly, Emery from Red Face.