A Day With Frontier

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A Day With Frontier

Hello everyone! Today we will look at Frontier and his band. They were tucked away all winter, but we finally saw them this spring. Kodiak and Flyer have both grown quite a bit. Flyer is two years younger than his sister Anuk and already the same size as her. Below are photos of Frontier’s band taken over the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Mare Firefly and her family – Flyer (her 2021 colt), Anuk (her 2019 filly), and Kodiak (Anuk’s 2022 colt)

Mare Anuk and her colt Kodiak (x Flax)

Frontier’s Band (l to r) – Frontier, Smokie, Kodiak, Anuk, Firefly, and Flyer

2021 Colt, Flyer (Firefly x Frontier)

Frontier’s Band