A Look at Mare Eagle

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A Look at Mare Eagle

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a look at the beautiful mare, Eagle. She comes from quite the line-up of well-known horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Eagle is the 2013 filly out of Mare Daisy, known for her flashy pinto coloring, and is a half-sister to Circus. Her sire was the late stallion, Silver, a fan favorite among those who follow this herd. Add to that the fact that her grandparents were Chubby and Curious George, and you can see she comes from a family of amazing horses.
Over the past few years, Eagle has run with Copper, Mystery, Red Face, and Remington. In April of 2018, Mystery took Eagle from Copper. She remained in Mystery’s band until his passing in May of 2020. After which, Eagle and her filly moved around between Copper and Red Face’s bands. They finally settled with Red Face as we moved into 2021 and remained with him throughout the winter. However, by April of this year, Remington managed to take the girls and has held them ever since. They seem to be doing well in his band. Below is a look at Eagle and an extra photo of her with mom Daisy from 2015. Enjoy and have a great night!

Stallion Remington, Birdie, and Eagle (November)

Eagle and Daisy (May 2015) – Dixie and Democracy are in the background. They were also a part of Silver’s band at that time.

2013 Mare, Eagle