An Update on Thunder

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An Update on Thunder

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a beautiful day in the park. I spent the entire day with the horses and have the sunburn to prove it. It was great to see so many bands though and watch all the new foals play together. I have tons to share with you but first wanted to share a few photos from my evening with Thunder this past week so you could have a closer look at him. As you saw in the video I shared Friday, he is getting around, staying near his family, and standing up to his son. He may be 19 but I personally don’t think we should count him out just yet. Stay tuned for more on the other bands. Thanks, everyone!

2001 Stallion, Thunder – his former band is not too far behind him.

2014 Band Stallion, Xander

2001 Stallion, Thunder – You can see he still has some swelling on his rear right hock.