Freckles, Katie, and Guardian

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Freckles, Katie, and Guardian

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I had a great afternoon taking a hike to an area of the park I haven’t really explored before and hung out with some horses too! As you know, Freckles gave birth to a filly just before the park closure. She was also stolen from Half Moon by non-other than, Guardian. This has happened several times before so I refer to them as the new (old) band. I enjoyed a quiet afternoon with them but prior to that, I thought I may have to try on a different day. After hiking down to the area the band was in, I began to cross an open field. I was about a quarter-mile away from reaching the band when I looked up and saw Freckles and the baby running from right to left in the distance. They were headed to an area that was a maze of buttes and trees. Guardian soon followed and seemed bothered by something. I saw him look back as he ran but I was too far back to see what was behind them. I thought for sure they would likely run so far away I would never catch up but my gut told me to stay put. A few moments later, what I hoped would happen, did. Freckles and the baby came up over the hill right in front of me. I didn’t want to frighten her so I immediately showed her I was no threat, backed up, and hoped she would stay. They watched me for a minute and then just like that, relaxed and began to graze. I was thrilled! I still have no idea what was out there that made them run but it meant a lot to me that they felt safe enough to stay with me and trusted that I was better than whatever they just ran from. It was so nice to see them and meet their new addition. Enjoy these photos of Freckles, her filly Katie (Bender), and their new stallion, Guardian. Thanks, everyone!

Katie (Bender) out of Freckles x Guardian

Freckles and her 2020 Filly, Katie (Bender)

Freckles and her 2020 Filly, Katie (Bender) who turned one month old yesterday 😉

Band Stallion (once again), Guardian