Arrowhead vs. the Bachelors

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Arrowhead vs. the Bachelors

Good morning everyone! I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day yesterday. When I found the bachelor boys the other night, they were headed over a hill towards something they could see but I could not. Once they were gone I decided to follow to see what was going on. I looked up in time to see them all running back towards me and this time they were not alone. Arrowhead was running behind them and pushing all 3 away from his girls. There was some minor posturing between him and Cloud and then the band ran off. The boys of course followed and began a chase that lasted over an hour. I hiked back to my car and followed along watching it all from the road. The boys were persistent and would not give up but Arrowhead pushed them back every time they got close. While the boys took a break, Arrowhead quickly pushed his band up a park trail. It began to get dark so I drove up to a high point to see where Arrowhead had gone. He had finally put a good distance between his band and the bachelors but they were still lingering in the distance when I drove out for the night. Lots of drama in the park this time of year! Below are some photos of Arrowhead defending his band. I will write under each photo to explain what is happening. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Casper and Cloud quickly run away from Arrowhead.

Former band stallion, Cloud stops to try and take on Arrowhead.

Arrowhead was tired of his first encounter with the boys and pushed his band away from them. He stops to look back and see if they were following…they were.

I drove to a different hill in hopes of seeing Arrowhead and instead found the boys, once again, headed to find the band. (Cloud, Cagney, and Casper)

Arrowhead came over the hill again and pushed them back.

They finally decided to walk away but it didn’t end here.

Now further down the loop road, Arrowhead runs back to his band after attempt number 9 or 10 to stop Cloud, Casper, and Cagney. Soon after, he pushes them up a trail and puts some distance between his band and the bachelors. What a crazy night!