Beautiful Foals of Arrowhead’s Band

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Beautiful Foals of Arrowhead’s Band

Hello everyone! Today I have for you an updated look at the foals of Arrowhead’s band. Let me just say, he makes some beautiful babies. To help you see how they have changed, I have added a photo from when they were each new foals as well. Enjoy and have a great day!

The first foal of 2020 – Filly Arrow out of Justice x Arrowhead.

Born in mid-January, Arrow is one tough filly. Here she is at less than a week old with her dam, Justice. Arrowhead is walking behind them.

2020 Filly, Betsy when she was almost three weeks old.

2020 Filly, Betsy out of Papoose x Arrowhead – She will be five months old next week.

2020 Colt, Blackjack at two weeks old.

2020 Colt, Blackjack out of Domino x Arrowhead – He has changed several times over the last few months and just keeps getting more handsome. He is now a little over four months old.