Boomer and Thunder

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Boomer and Thunder

Good Morning everyone! Many of you asked me about Boomer over the last two days so I thought I would give you a short update on him this morning. As I promised a few of you, I did spend time with him yesterday and I am happy to report he is still doing well. He was sleeping with Angel’s filly when I arrived which is so good as he appears to be bonding well with her. Later he grazed with his big brother before the band left the area. Thunder took up the rear as they left and Boomer waited to walk off with his sire. As I said on Friday, we have been fortunate to have nice weather so that has given these smaller horses like him a fighting chance. Continue to keep both him and Amite in your thoughts and thanks for caring from afar. Have a great Sunday!

2020 Colt, Boomer out of Strawberry x Thunder

Boomer watching over his big brother, Amite.

Boomer and his sire, Thunder

Boomer with his family band