Brothers Meet By Chance

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Brothers Meet By Chance

Hello everyone! Here is a look at what Flax and his boys were so interested in the other day…none other than, Banty! Who also happens to be Flax’s little half-brother. They are both Red Face babies. Banty is always looking for trouble, and on this day, he took an interest in Flax. It didn’t last long, though, as Red Face quickly noticed his younger son getting too close to Flax and ran over to move him back to the group. Afterward, Red Face stopped to watch and make sure Flax knew to move on as well. I had never really witnessed Flax and Banty interact, so it was cool to see. Anzar and Bokel being there made it even more interesting because they would also be Banty’s nephews. Crazy!

Red Face quickly runs over to move Banty away from Flax and the boys.

Banty clacking to let his dad know he understands.

Red Face is giving Flax the ‘keep your distance’ stare…