Checking On New Foal Titan

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Checking On New Foal Titan

Hello everyone! It is #FoalFriday, so who better to share than our newest foal in the Park, Titan! Earlier this week, I found the band near the loop road. I sat in my car and watched them for well over an hour. The snow from the weekend was still on the ground when I arrived, but most of it had melted in the warm temperatures by the time I left. Titan was napping, exploring a bush he seemed fascinated with and attempted to say hello to Apex before momma Teepee ended that interaction. He is doing well and a great addition to Teton’s band. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Taking a nap under the watch of momma v

Titan and Teepee – He is so cute!

Teepee takes naps alongside Titan quite a bit. It is very sweet.