Checking Up on Wildrye’s Band

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Checking Up on Wildrye’s Band

Hello everyone! Last month was an interesting one for Wildrye and his band. He briefly lost his oldest mare Trouble’s Girl and their colts, Anthem and Blazo, to the young stallion Grady. They live on the same side of the Park so it would be easy for one or the other to take a mare that may have gotten separated from the band. In this case, it appears that is what may have happened. However, Trouble’s Girl is soon to be 20 years old and not one to be where she doesn’t want to be for very long. One morning I noticed that she was no longer with Grady. Later that evening, I spotted Wildrye’s band from the road and decided to quickly hike out to them. I was hoping to get eyes on the entire band before sunset. When I arrived, Wildrye was high on a hill looking in three different directions. I could see his band to his left but couldn’t see what else he was looking at from up there. Trouble’s Girl was not with the others either so I hiked up the hill Wildrye was on to see if she was somewhere in the area. Sure enough, she was less than a quarter mile in front of Wildrye grazing with her boys. I then realized Wildrye was on that hill to watch her, his other girls, and a group of deer walking to his right. He had everything covered! Below are a few photos of the girls and Wildrye from that day. I didn’t hike out to Trouble’s Girl but was glad she and her boys were back with their family.

2020 Filly, Lorelye out of Lorena x Wildrye

2014 Mare, Paige – She gets sooo dark in the winter!

2014 Mare, Lorena with Little Gray’s filly, Pippi

2004 Mare, Little Gray with Lorena’s filly, Lorelye

2011 Band Stallion, Wildrye