Coal On Alert

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Coal On Alert

Hello everyone! I thought you might enjoy a look at the presumed sire of the adorable colt, Amantes, from my previous post. This is 2005 Band Stallion, Coal. He has had a lot going on lately on his side of the park. Not only does he have a new colt to look after, but he also has another band to worry about. Stallion Cloud moved into his area around Easter and has not given the impression that he plans on leaving anytime soon. As you can see from this photo, Coal is keeping a close eye on him.

In other park news, Xander has been walking as a bachelor for a couple of weeks now. He finally left his mom! We saw him hanging with Trooper earlier this week but then they went their separate ways.

Guardian has found a girl once again. He recently took Mare Freckles from Half Moon. Freckles has been with Guardian in the past and it’s assumed he is the sire of her filly currently available for adoption. We will have to wait and see if he can hold onto her this time.

Maverick took Copper Penny, Paisley, Patches, and Poseidon from Brutus at the beginning of April. Brutus had taken Paisley and Patches back just before Easter but they are currently not with the band. Flash and Gunner have been putting pressure on him but he has managed to keep the rest of his band together so far.

There is a lot going on in the park this spring and we may see a few more changes before summer. I have more babies to share with you this weekend as well so stay tuned!


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