Fun Friday Part 18

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Fun Friday Part 18

Hello everyone! It is time again for ‘Fun Friday’ where I share a mix of photos taken in the Park. Today I have for you a look at several of the bands I saw over the last two weeks, including a look at Mare Skipper. Several of you reached out to see if I had checked on her since her ordeal. I did find her this week and am happy to say she is doing just fine. I will write under each photo so be sure to scroll through. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


2004 Mare, Freckles of Guardian’s band – She is Katie’s dam.

2020 Filly, Katie and her sire, Guardian – I was happy to see Guardian is still holding onto his small family. Half Moon was not far from them but seems to be leaving them be for now.

2014 Mare, Skipper all clean and looking good

2014 Mare, Paisley and 2020 Filly, Bluegrass out of Aurora (pictured in comments) – They are both currently in Maverick’s band. Paisley is the daughter of the late mare Strawberry.

2017 Mare, Perdita and 2020 Filly, Raven’s Myst out of Raven running from a loud crash. I couldn’t figure out what happened until I saw a coyote run to the top of the very steep hill behind me. He loosened a large rock and it came crashing down the side scaring both me and Gunner’s band.

2001 Mare, Snip’s Gray and 2006 Mare, River of Sidekick’s band

2020 Filly, Bayou out of Mare River x Sidekick