Grady’s Band and Trouble’s Girl

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Grady’s Band and Trouble’s Girl

Good morning everyone! With all the happenings in the Park, I have once again got behind on sharing photos with all of you. Today I wanted to share this look at Grady and his band. I have not posted an updated photo of Gigi’s filly, Bonnet in quite some time and as you can see, she has changed a lot. Over the last two months, Grady has been seen with Mare Trouble’s Girl and her two colts. While they are a part of Wildrye’s band, they have been seen with both Wildrye and Grady, and more often than not, alone. Trouble’s Girl’s health is not good and I believe she is doing what is best for her and her boys at this point. If that means staying behind, then so be it. It changes so often that at this point, we just do our best to keep our eyes on her no matter who she may be with. On this particular day, I found her with Grady but by the next morning, she was back with Wildrye. Below are a few photos of Grady’s band from that visit.

2005 Mare, Blondie

2020 Filly, Bonnet (presumed sire is Grady)

2014 Mare, Gigi (Ghost x Gary)

2005 Mare, Twister

2019 Colt, Arcola and Mare Blondie (he has been close to her since he was born)

Mare Gigi and her kids – Bonnet and Arcola