Patches and Piper

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Patches and Piper

Hello everyone! We have a new foal to share with you tonight! Mare Patches has given birth to this gorgeous little filly, Piper. You may remember Patches spent the first few months away from her band after having her first filly, Poppy. It appears history repeats itself with this one as Patches and her filly are not with their regular band. They were seen alone today but near two other bands. Time will tell where they end up, but they are both doing great for now. We will update you on any changes with these two when we can. Until then, please help us welcome this little sweetheart to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd.

2023 Filly, Piper out of Mare Patches

Mare Patches and her 2023 Filly, Piper

Mare Patches and her new, very ‘energetic’ filly Piper