Saying Goodbye to Atlas

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Saying Goodbye to Atlas

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I need to share a final update on Atlas with you all today. It was discovered this past week that he is no longer with Twister or the rest of the band. Twister was found with Wildrye and after close observation, it was apparent that she no longer had Atlas with her. After seeing Twister with Wildrye, I did hike to Ranger and the others to confirm that he was not with them either. The next day I also spent a couple of hours hiking the area looking for Atlas. I knew the chances of finding him were slim but it was worth a shot.

After being taken by Wildrye, Twister repeatedly kicked at him as he attempted to breed her. She is a strong mare and was able to keep him at bay. However, in the process of fighting him off, she appears to have injured her leg. I do not know the extent of her injury at this time but will keep a close eye on her and update you with any changes. I did take a quick trip to the park this morning to check on Twister and found her back in her area of the park alone. My hope is since she was able to make it back there that her family and Ranger will eventually come across her.

I ask that you keep Twister in your thoughts and prayers as she has been through a lot as of late. Below is a photo of Twister taken this week. Thank you for your support and for loving this herd.


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