Teton Takes on the Younger Generation

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Teton Takes on the Younger Generation

Good morning everyone! Lately, Band Stallion Teton has been dealing with pressure from Stallions Casper, Cloud, and his young son, Apex. While Apex is not much of a threat and more likely just following Casper around, the other two could present a challenge for Teton. On this day I watched as Casper and Apex moved right to where Teton was holding his band. They stared at one another for some time before Teton had enough and went after them. They ran over a hill and out of my line of sight for several minutes. I looked all around waiting for them to appear but couldn’t find them. Suddenly I heard a squeal and about half a mile away on a ridge I could see Teton pushing the boys even further. He ran them around the hill for a bit and then eventually returned to his band. The next morning I found Cloud standing on the hill directly above Teton’s band for quite some time. Both Cloud and Casper continue to frequent Teton’s area so time will tell if either of them succeeds at stealing a mare as neither of them appears to be giving up anytime soon. I will give you a closer look at Casper and Apex soon so stay tuned!

Apex and Casper watch Teton on the hill above.

Another photo of Teton going after Casper and Apex.

I zoomed in to take a photo of the boys running from Teton. He pushed them very far away from his band.