The Elk and Red Face’s Band

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The Elk and Red Face’s Band

Hello everyone! Yesterday, I went out to check on Red Face and his band. They were back in the trees against a butte. Once I arrived, I found out they were not alone. In the trees next to the band were four huge elks. I have never come across horses and elk together before. One was standing while the other three were laying down. The one standing spotted me as I came around the corner. I knew they would run as soon as I moved so I slowly took out my camera. I managed to get a few pictures of Pretty Girl watching the one elk that spotted me before he alerted the others and they ran from the area. It was very interesting to see them hanging out peacefully and so close together. You never know what you will find out here! Enjoy!

He stood there long enough for me to capture a nice photo of him.

The others were behind this tree. Moving to capture a photo of them was not an option.

Pretty Girl looks over to her band while the elk keeps his eye on me.


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