TRNP Wild Horse Outtakes Part 3

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TRNP Wild Horse Outtakes Part 3

Good morning everyone! In past years on this day, I have shared with you a post of photos I found amusing that were taken in the park. The collection consisted of new and old photos that I hoped would bring a smile to your face. I missed the past few years and decided I needed to return it this year. So today, I bring you ‘TRNP Wild Horse Outtakes Part 3!’
This year’s post has a few favorites from years one and two. Each photo will have a special caption and range from the years 2015-2022. I included one I will need help with, so be sure to look for that too. Hopefully, this starts your week off on a happy note. Enjoy!

Facebook vs. Reality: (Facebook) Awe, look, Frosty is loving on Red Face (Reality) Frosty is wiping her nose on Red Face ????

The boys fight in the middle of the road as Bryce teaches her sister Wyoming how to taunt park visitors.

Sidekick turns to see the girls have run into friends and decides he may as well sit. It’s going to be a while…

Synchronized mother/daughter rolling performed by Katie and Freckles. They have real talent…

Have a boy, they said…

“Hey lady, look at my pretty smile!” – Tennessee Wyoming doesn’t want to smile…..

Sapphire vs. mile marker 20 – This is why you may not want to touch the mile markers in the Park.

The day a young Casper helped this lovely couple through the Park. “It’s a loop!” – Casper

When your mom photobombs your picture – “Cheese!” – Flame “So embarrassing…” -Emmylou

Frontier -“Don’t touch me…” Volt -“I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”