Wind Dancer and Buster

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Wind Dancer and Buster

Hello everyone! I have come across these two boys a lot recently. These two bachelor buddies, Wind Dancer, and Buster, found one another back in September. They have stuck together since then and are doing well. When Wind Dancer first became a bachelor, he had a very seasoned Granite’s Boy to show him the ropes. He couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Now it is Buster’s turn to be out on his own for the first time. Hopefully, now that Wind Dancer has become a more experienced bachelor he can help Buster through his first winter away from his natal band. Enjoy this look at these handsome boys and have a good night!

2014 Stallion, Wind Dancer (Lacey x Clinker)

2016 Stallion, Buster (Ghost x Gary)


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