An Afternoon With Wildrye

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An Afternoon With Wildrye

Hello everyone! Today, I have for you a look at Teton’s full brother, Wildrye and his band. They are both out of Mare Rosie by the late stallion, Gary. Teton and Wildrye worked together to take Gray Ghost’s band in early 2015 however, Teton would take control and leave his little brother behind. Wildrye would later gain his first mares in 2016 and today holds a band of four mares, his 2019 colt out of Trouble’s Girl, and his newest filly out of Lorena. Below are photos of Wildrye and his beautiful family. Enjoy and stay safe! ❤️

2011 Band Stallion, Wildrye

2014 Mare, Paige

2004 Mare, Little Gray

2001 Mare, Trouble’s Girl

2019 Colt, Anthem out of Trouble’s Girl

2014 Mare, Lorena

I had to share this photo to show what a good mom Lorena has been. She didn’t like little Anthem so close to her baby so she bit him on the back leg. I caught this picture at the perfect time as she looks so angry! It wasn’t as bad as it appears but the look on her face is priceless. Her filly Lorelye is just too cute!

After I left Wildrye one evening, I drove by the on the interstate and noticed him watching another stallion in the distance. He looked so gorgeous against the backdrop of our beautiful park.


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