A Closer Look at Teton’s Band

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A Closer Look at Teton’s Band

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I would share with you all a look at the rest of Teton’s band. He currently holds a band of nine counting his newest addition out of Indian Paintbrush. He has three foals from last year who have grown quite a bit over the winter. I spent some time with the band in February and never got around to sharing the photos. I decided to share a few of those photos along with the ones I took over the weekend so you can see how the three youngsters coats have changed over the last two months. Enjoy and stay safe! ❤️

2014 Mare, Shay, and her 2019 Colt, Alluvium

(L to R) Alluvium, Archer, and Apex – 2019 Foals

2009 Mare, Goblin

2006 Mare, Ruby

2010 Mare, Teepee

2019 Filly, Archer (Teepee) in February

2019 Filly, Archer today with her dam, Teepee

2019 Colt, Apex (Ruby) in February

2019 Colt, Alluvium (Shay) in February

2011 Mare, Indian Paintbrush with her 2020 Filly – Alluvium is standing behind them.



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