Another Look at Noelle

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Another Look at Noelle

Hello everyone! I am sure you have been waiting for an update on this little girl! I am happy to report that Noelle is doing great despite the small amount of snow we received over the weekend. She was sticking close to mom today and nursing a lot! Below are a few photos of her from this past weekend and today. One photo, in particular, I am excited about because I realized the instant I took it that I had just photographed the current oldest and the youngest horses in the Park in the same photo. For some reason, I didn’t think about that until today! I haven’t seen Flicka pay much attention to the new member of her band but today she walked over and they both took a moment to look at one another. Once we have another foal this will all change so I am glad I was able to photograph the two of them together today. Enjoy!

Filly Noelle and her dam, Holly

2021 Filly, Noelle out of Mare Holly x Georgia’s Boy

Flicka and Noelle – The current oldest and youngest horses inside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.