Bachelor Boys of TRNP

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Bachelor Boys of TRNP

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you all a look at some of the handsome bachelors running inside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Two of them have been bachelors for some time, while the others became bachelors over the past few months. Luckily, the newest bachelors have all found a buddy. I will write under each photo to give you a little more information and history on each of these boys. Enjoy and have a great rest of your week!

Photo Above: 2016 Stallion, Buster – He is the son of the late Mare Ghost and Stallion Gary. They both passed away over the winter of 2016-17 leaving Buster to be raised by his older sister, Gigi, and the two other mares of his band, Blondie and Twister. He is usually seen running with Cagney, another young bachelor inside the Park.

2014 Stallion, Wind Dancer – He is the son of the late Mare Lacey and late Stallion Clinker. His younger brother, Cagney is oftentimes seen running with Buster. They will occasionally join up with Wind Dancer.

2019 Stallion, Anthem – He is the son of the late Mare Trouble’s Girl and Stallion Wildrye, who is alive and well inside the Park. Over the winter months, Anthem and his younger brother Blazo were seen alone with their mother or occasionally walking with stallions Wildrye or Grady. When their mother passed away at the end of January, Anthem and Blazo were picked up by Grady. They spent the rest of the winter and spring with him until recently when Grady removed Anthem from the band. His little brother Blazo remains with Grady. Anthem has recently been seen walking with Wind Dancer.

2019 Stallion, Applewood is the son of Mare Stormy and Stallion Ollie Jr. He was removed from the band in March after his sire picked up another young filly. Applewood walked with Stallion Satellite for a short time after Satellite lost his band and then he eventually found Alluvium.

2019 Stallion, Alluvium is the son of Mare Shay and Stallion Teton. He was removed from the band in March by Teton. He walked alone for a while and was also seen with Former Band Stallion, Brutus. He would later find Applewood and the two of them are currently walking together.