Young Blazo

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Young Blazo

Hello everyone! Last week, I shared some of the bachelor boys in the Park, including Anthem, who left Grady’s band earlier this spring. As I mentioned before, his little brother, Blazo, was also picked up by Grady’s band after the death of their mother, Trouble’s Girl, this winter. While Grady made Anthem move on, he has allowed the yearling Blazo to remain with the band. Although their sire Wildrye is still alive in the Park, ending up with Grady and his band after their mother died was probably the best thing that could have happened for both Blazo and Anthem. As has happened with others before him, Blazo became close with Mare Blondie early on and, even today, is frequently seen following her. Besides giving Blazo a mother figure, it also gave the boys a chance to spend a few more months together and be protected by a family who accepted them. Everything happens for a reason. ?
Below is a look at Blazo, Grady, and one more photo of Anthem to show you how much these boys look alike. I will share more of Grady’s band soon, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

2015 Band Stallion, Grady out of Mare Lacey x Stallion Clinker

Grady’s Band – You can see Blazo over to the left next to Blondie. (Twister was across the street and not standing with the band.)

2019 Colt, Anthem out of Mare Trouble’s Girl x Stallion Wildrye