Bayou’s New Band

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Bayou’s New Band

Hello everyone! I spent some time with Ollie Jr’s band today and checked up on Annabella and her new colt, Huck. They both appear to be doing well. I came across one more surprise when I found the band today. They have recently added another member, Bayou, a two-year-old from Sidekick’s band. Bayou also happens to be Annabella’s sister.
Sidekick was in the area when I arrived and then left, so this may be Bayou’s new band. We will have to wait and see how this plays out, but it is nice to see the sisters back together again. Have a great weekend!

Bayou (River x Sidekick), Huck and his dam, Annabella (Bella x Sidekick)

Annabella and Huck

Ollie Jr, Huck, Annabella, and her sister, Bayou