Katie and Sawyer

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Katie and Sawyer

Hello everyone! We have more news to share from Ollie Jr’s band as they have added yet another new addition. This newest member is an adorable colt named Sawyer out of Mare Katie. She is another maiden mare who is doing a terrific job taking care of her new colt. Katie is lucky, however, as she has her own dam, Freckles, in the band with her. Two other stallions were in the area today, putting pressure on the band, but Granddam Freckles was there to help Katie keep her colt safe.
Thank you so much, and please help us welcome another wonderful foal to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park herd.

Mare Katie and her new colt – The presumed sire is Ollie Jr.

Katie and Freckles watching over the little guy ❤

Freckles, Katie and her new colt