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Back in the Park

Good evening everyone! It’s been an exciting week being back in the park after a little time off with my family. I came back to find one small surprise this past Sunday morning. Stallion Brutus has once again taken Paisley back from Wind Canyon. As most of you know, I found her with Wind Canyon…
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Blue-Eyed Sisters

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far. Here is a look at the two blue-eyed beauties of Half Moon’s band, 2018 Filly, Blue Moon and her older sister 2017 Filly, Elsa. Their mother is Mare Nordie and the sire of both girls is Guardian. Elsa has two blue eyes…
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In Remembrance of Cowboy Lyle

Good afternoon everyone! I made it back into the park this morning and it was great! I found several bands enjoying the cooler temps down on the flats and got my first look at the newest member of the herd. He is a colt out of Bella x Sidekick. He is around two weeks old…
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Lots of Love From Pale Lady

Happy Friday everyone! Today I thought I would share with you a few photos of Thunder and some other members of his band. This particular day matriarch mare, Pale Lady, was going around and resting on different members of the band. I thought it was cute how she moved from horse to horse to rest.…
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Changes in Frontier’s Band

Good morning everyone! I realized I had forgotten to share the rest of Frontier’s band after my recent hike out to see them. It is suspected that he may have back their former family member, Mare Indian Paintbrush, as well but it has yet to be confirmed. She and her 2016 colt Indy were recently…
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Update on Scout

Hello everyone! Take a look at how gorgeous this little guy is now! This is Scout, out of Mare Raven x Mystery. He was the first foal of the season, born in February, making him almost 5 months old now. I will never forget the day I first saw him as I did some crazy…
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