Fun Friday Part 12

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Fun Friday Part 12

Hello everyone! For today’s ‘Fun Friday’ I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos with the fall colors. The Park is gorgeous right now with the changing leaves and the horses just add to the beauty. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

2007 Mare, Crow of Satellite’s Band

2010 Mare, Cassie and 2007 Mare, Maddie of Maverick’s Band

2010 Mare, Whiskey of Georgia’s Boy’s Band

2011 Mare, Esprit of Copper’s Band

2014 Mare, Emmylou (Flame x Red Face)

2019 Colt, Arcola (Gigi x Unknown) and 2005 Mare, Blondie of Grady’s Band

2014 Mare, Dixie (Firefly x Silver) of Coal’s Band