Guardian, Freckles, and the Rattlesnake

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Guardian, Freckles, and the Rattlesnake

After I spent the morning with Wildrye the other day, I decided to hike out and look for Guardian. He is still holding mare Freckles and sticking to the Painted Canyon area. Freckles looks to be pregnant and could foal soon. The two of them appear to be doing well and seem content with one another. While I was there I did have some excitement when I almost stepped on a rattlesnake the length of my leg! He made no sound which really freaked me out. I was worried Guardian would walk over there so I kept close and watched as slowly slid down inside a prairie dog hole. I feel bad for whoever lives in that hole! Below are a few photos of Guardian and Freckles as well as, a few of the snake. If you are hiking in the park be sure to keep an eye out and be safe. Thanks, everyone!

Guardian and Freckles

The giant rattlesnake…

Here he starts to go down into the prairie dog hole.

Still going…

The rattle…


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