Guardian’s Ever-Changing Band

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Guardian’s Ever-Changing Band

Hello everyone! After sharing with you an updated look at Bart this week, I came across Guardian once again. I wanted to see if Thunder had rejoined them as he was not there last time I checked. From far away, I saw a new horse with the trio; only it wasn’t Thunder. I hiked out to them to find they have recently added 2020 Filly, Annabella to their group. Guardian somehow took her from Ollie Jr., who had picked her up from her family band earlier this summer.
After leaving them, I set out to locate and check on Thunder and was able to find him in a quiet area alone. His health doesn’t always allow him to keep up, but he knows how to find them. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts as we continue to keep our eyes on him.

2020 Filly, Annabella (Bella x Sidekick)

2019 Filly, Antice

Annabella, Bart, and Antice