Horse Spotlight – Mare Angel

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Angel

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Today’s ?Horse Spotlight? is 2007 Mare, Angel of Thunder’s band. I thought I would feature her today since she is the dam of the newest foal in the park. Angel has been with Thunder since I began tracking in 2015. She had a foal who had leg issues in 2016 and she didn’t survive. We called her Hope. The support the band gave both Angel and Hope is indescribable. I thought it over and decided I will share a photo of her below not to bring up bad memories but instead, to honor a beautiful horse who touched all our hearts. Angel has one other daughter in the park beside her new filly. Copper Penny, who is running with Brutus, is her 2014 foal by Copper. Below are photos of Angel I have taken over the years as well as, photos of her three gorgeous daughters. I will also write under each photo to give you more information on Angel. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Angel and her 2014 Filly, Copper Penny – This photo was taken as they were coming out of winter in 2015. Copper Penny would be taken by Brutus later that year.

Angel and her 2016 Filly, Hope. She had issues with her legs and disappeared after our first big snow storm. I miss her dearly. Winter, of course, is by Angel’s side a few days after Hope was born.

Angel and her 2019 Filly, Admiral. On this page, I will refer to her as ‘Addy’ for short. You are free to call her anything you like.

2007 Mare, Angel in 2015. She was 8.

2007 Mare, Angel in 2017. Winter is on her right (our left) and Spotted Blue is on her left.

Thunder (far right) and his three lovely ladies – Pale Lady, Winter, and Angel.

2007 Mare, Angel – She is out of Frosty x Singlefoot. Mare River in Sidekick’s band is her full sister.


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