Angel’s Little Surprise

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Angel’s Little Surprise

Hello everyone! I had a surprise when I went hiking in the park today. My plan had been to hike a certain area of the park first thing this morning but I was distracted and missed my turn. Figuring I could do that hike later, I headed to a new spot instead. In the distance, I could see Copper, Half Moon, and Sidekick. I headed out towards them but once I got to Sidekick, I noticed Thunder standing in the area as well. I decided to hike over to him first to check on everyone and would photograph the others on my way out. The rest of his band were around the corner so I positioned myself against a butte to take a short break. I was observing the band and noticed Angel looked thinner than the last time I saw her. She was down in small dip so I couldn’t see everything around her. A few minutes later, Thunder squealed and went running over to her. Pale Lady and Winter positioned themselves in front of Angel and then a tiny head popped up! Angel had a baby! I knew she was pregnant but honestly had no idea when she would foal. The new little one is a filly and appears to be doing well. Pale Lady and Winter stuck close to Angel while I was there. I have seen amazing and heartbreaking things with these three mares in the past. Watching them with Angel and her filly today only reminded me of why I love them and the bond they share. Below are some photos of the newest adorable addition to this herd. Enjoy and thanks, everyone!

Mare Angel, her 2019 Filly, Pale Lady, and Winter

I love these mares. I cannot explain how awesome it is to witness their dedication to one another. These three never cease to amaze me❤️

2019 Filly, Admiral out of Mare Angel

2007 Mare, Angel and her 2019 Filly, Admiral


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