Horse Spotlight – Mare Smokie

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Horse Spotlight – Mare Smokie

Hello everyone! It was around this time last year when I was still hiking out to Frontier’s band to check on Mare Smokie. She was very pregnant and I couldn’t believe she hadn’t already foaled a month prior. Finally, the day came and I was able to see her gorgeous filly for the first time. After 14 trips to the band and over 80 miles hiked, I decided to call her filly Patience, as that is what she taught me in the end.

In honor of that, today’s ?Horse Spotlight? will be 2007 Mare, Smokie. When I began tracking the horses, Smokie was in Clinker’s band. Frontier would eventually take her and Lacey and she continues to run with him today. In 2012, she had a filly named Voltaire by Gray Ghost. She looked so much like Smokie it was sometimes hard to tell them apart. Voltaire disappeared in 2016 at the age of four. We do not know for sure the cause but it was suspected she passed during foaling.

Smokie would not foal again until she had Patience in 2018. She is presumed to be Frontier’s. She looks exactly like him so I would have to agree.

Below are a few photos of Smokie I’ve taken over the last few years. I included some of her and her two girls, Voltaire and Patience, as well. She’s changed a lot since the first day I saw her. Enjoy this look at this wonderful mare and have a great weekend!

Smokie and Voltaire in March of 2016 – Voltaire would disappear shortly after. (Smokie on the left, Voltaire on the right)

2012 Mare, Voltaire – Smokie x Gray Ghost My favorite thing about Smokie is her ears. So I always LOVED the fact that Voltaire had her momma’s ears ❤️

Smokie and her 2018 Filly, Patience shortly after her birth.

Smokie in 2017 as she came out of winter.

Smokie in May of 2017.

Smokie and Patience – Photo was taken in June 2018.

Smokie, Patience, and Cagney – Photo was taken a few weeks ago.


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